No More Dollar Store Hoses

There’s a good chance that if you ever bought a cheap dollar store hose for watering your garden or washing your car, sooner or later you found out why the product was so cheap. I’ve had many encounters with these products, which is the simultaneous expression of my cheapness, inability to learn my lesson and my general stupidity. Every time my dollar store hose springs a leak or otherwise becomesfavicon unusable, I find myself thinking, “Well, time to head back to the dollar store for a new hose.” What’s so frustrating about using these products is that a single, small defect can render the entire product useless. And what’s worse: causing these single, small defects is extremely easy and extremely common.

It’s no surprise that in industry, where product performance influences revenue and workplace safety, they don’t put up with those kinds of shoddy products. Their hoses are made of high-quality materials, and in many cases they’re fitted with quick release couplings. Of course, quick release coupling manufacturers make their products available for use on many products in addition to hoses, but let’s just take that example for the sake of demonstration.

Suppose that you were working with hydraulic fluid, transferring it between a storage tank and a cylinder during installation or maintenance. If you were using one of the cheap dollar store hoses, merely stepping on the flimsy metal connector by accident could render the hose unusable. Hydraulic fluid could come spraying out. But that’s not what you do, because you have access to a heavy duty hose with a quick disconnect made of strong, durable metal. This increases ease of use, product safety and the reliability of the hose connection. It’s no wonder why quick release couplings have become so important in industry.