Turning on the Apparatus

At my house, if we want to use our big screen television we have to go through the ordeal that we call “turning on the apparatus.” We go through this tribulation because in order to use our media device we must turn on the T.V., the audio system that is hooked up to speakers and the Playstation 3. We don’t have cable so we use Netflix through the Playstation. None of this would be possible withoutfavicon using an adapter. Without using this male coupler there would be no way all those plugs would reach the outlets and our entertainment system would be of no use.

Adapters make the world of electronics much simpler, especially when you live with four other people. There is no way I’d be able to hook up my computer just using the surrounding outlets. I actually would not be able to use my computer without any using form of quick connect couplings. There are at least five different plugs connected to the device. We practically have an adapter for all our phone and laptop chargers in the living room. Come to think of it, interior decorating would be a lot more limited if we had to take into account where all the outlets were.

There is a female counterpart to the male coupler when referring to connections and couplers. Basically male couplers are the ones that plug into female couplers. Quick connect couplings can be broken down into two different categories, those used for electronics and those used for plumbing. I’ve been using couplers for electronics all my life and didn’t even realize it. Electrical couplers are desirable because they aren’t permanent and are easy to ad additions and make repairs to the system with. It’s usually used with pins and sockets so the wires can connect and make whatever device function.