From Little League to Aerospace

Product Identification

As the Little League season starts to wind down and All-Stars quickly begins for girl’s softball and boy’s baseball, it is time to start handing out awards to the winning teams. I was lucky enough to play softball and many other sports when I was young. Softball however was not my favorite as I remember spending a lot of time kicking dirt at third base or ripping up grass in the outfield, anxiously waiting for a ball to come my way which never happened. But it was exciting that, although I did almost nothing, we would always get a small trophy or medal at the conclusion of the season. Now, they are in a box hidden somewhere, but at the time, a highlight of the year, especially because they would have our team name on them.

In the creation of all these products to be distributed several times a year to all of the teams, engraving equipment is typically used. This equipment is used to etch a design or words onto a surface by cutting or digging grooves into it. Today, due to the high frequency needed, the products are often done with computer controlled machines or laser systems. These methods are much faster and can create products with precision and efficiency. They are able to create a large number of items in a day, making it easy to make them quickly to be distributed right at the end of the seasons. These machines are not limited to small awards for children either, often they are used for product distinction or other large parts in industry. They can be used to carve identification codes into space and medical equipment and much more. The possibilities of these products are nearly endless, and they can make both industrial companies and kids very happy.