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Printec USA today announced membrane switch technology for human machine interface,HMI, which can be demonstrated with a unique demo keypad to display many possible applications for embedded infrared and capacitive sensors.

The demo keypad is the first tool of its kind to combine the capacitive and infrared technology into a single board in order to display the electromechanical, visual and cosmetic features of the switch technology.

The demo keypad also includes the use of infrared for long range and short range sensor key activation with audible and LED feedback. Not only can these sensors be activated with the use of bare hands, but also with obstructions such as medical and industrial gloves.

This membrane switch technology offers customers design and engineering options to customize switching interfaces for their specific needs.

The mixed tech membrane switch is designed for ease and intuitive operation. It utilizes long range infrared sensing and capacitive proximity switch sensing that can be applied to a variety of industries including:


·         Medical no-touch input devices, with an option for Anti-Microbial overlay surface

·         Industrial touch or no-touch devices that are sealed from the environment

·         Automotive

·         Appliance

·         Consumer electronics

·         Security devices

·         Hand held devices


“At Printec USA, we continue to push the boundaries of interface design and are proud to introduce new technologies and new methods that enhance the user’s experience,” says Robert J Galvin Jr, President of Printec USA.

This membrane switch has new product enhancements and design solutions with a number of new embedded features including:

·         Thin package construction

·         Cap sense tactile buttons

·         Cap sense proximity buttons

·         Cap sense slider

·         Cap sense wheel

·         IR long range proximity sensor

·         IR button, contact or proximity

·         Interactive Led backlighting by embedded light panels

·         Audio feedback

YouTube videos of the demo keypad can be found at:

About Printec USA

Established 1992, Printec USA is a privately held sales, logistics and engineering support extension of our Taiwan manufacturing headquarters. Printec USA has East Coast Operations in Waltham, MA, and West Coast Sales and Manufacturing in Anaheim, CA. Printec offers services for high volume, low volume and prototype projects. Our product line includes membrane switches; Cap sense, flex circuits, touch screens, integrated touch screens & LCDs, In Mold Design (IMD), overlays / labels, support panels / enclosures and full turnkey DFM solutions. Printec is a global suppler specializing in manufacturing high quality products for the medical, military, aerospace, homeland security, alternative energy, electronics, automotive and various other industrial markets. Printec offers a full suite of design, prototyping and intellectual property services, as well as a complete range of manufacturing capabilities from concept inception through final design packaging. Printec also has sales, engineering and manufacturing in Southern China and Europe. Printec is an ITAR registered company with certifications in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949 for automotive, ISO 13485 Medical, and a member of Q-Med and MassMedic.