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Paintball Tank to Semi Truck Gas Tank

One of my favorite hobbies that I do not have enough time to enjoy is paintball. The thrill of going into the unknowing arena and facing off with people in hopes that you do not get shot is exciting. The whole concept of paintball could not exist if it was notfavicon for the compressed air tanks that hold either Co2 or N2. These compressed gasses are able to propel the paintball at a great velocity creating a stinging sensation once it hits you. These tanks are usually kept at 3000 to 4500psi. This is a physically small example of a pressure vessel.

Pressure vessel fabricators have to take a number of things into account when producing a new vessel. What type of material should it be made out of, what will be stored inside and finally, what size tank is necessary for this product. As stated earlier a paintball tank is a small pressure vessel. They can be made out of aluminum with around 32 ounces of compressed Co2. The opposite of a small vessel like this is a transportable gas pressure vessel that gas companies use to transport propane, gasoline or other gasses to stores or stations that offer them for purchase to the public. These tanks can be massive made of steel and must be able to hold the pressure of the liquid or gas inside.

The ideal shape of a pressure vessel is a sphere. This shape however is rarely seen because a perfect sphere is difficult to construct. Therefore, most tanks are cylindrical in shape and have rounded capped ends. The structural integrity of the tank is extremely important. If the pressure inside is not correct or the vessel becomes cracked/severely dented this could cause an explosion. Without being properly maintained or being careless while constructing a pressure vessel could be dangerous. Overall, they are an important part of our lives.