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The New Water Pressure Regulator

Water pressure regulator systems have used much of the same technology for several decades. However, recent developments have altered the type of technology used with pressure regulators in a variety of industries.

For many years, the air purge or bubble water pressure regulator system was the main regulator of choice. A bubble pressure regulator uses a small tube placed inside the liquid. When the air supply to the tube is blocked, the water level in the tube is the same as in the tank. Increasing the air pressure of the regulator the pressure inside the tube is the same amount of pressure required to displace the liquid in the larger tank. This form of pressure regulator was widely used for many years.

However, the radar pressure regulator is now rapidly replacing the old bubble system. The new radar system uses microwaves to give a highly accurate pressure reading and regulating system. Microwaves are used to monitor the water level and pressure inside a tank, which then transmits the data to a remote location. This new system for water regulation is highly accurate and easy to use and regulate from a distance. Because of the higher precision levels and the ease of use, many factories are switching to the new radar models.

The only time where a bubble regulator is superior to a radar regulator is in low-tech environments. The bubble regulator can function without additional power sources or equipment while the radar systems require electricity and a variety of computerized readers to interpret the data.

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