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Pressure Sensor Drive-Thru

I was never much of a trouble maker when I was growing up, but I’ve done the occasional stupid acted in attempt to amuse myself. One day I was out biking with my friend. We got a little hungry so wefavicon stopped at McDonalds for a bite to eat. We forgot to bring our bike locks so one of us got the idea that it would be funny to ride our bikes through the drive-thru. There weren’t any cars around so we rolled up to the order box and waited. Nothing happened; no answer, no “hello” or “get out of here kids.” We scratched our heads and figured they have a pressure transducer to tell if a car was waiting to order. Since our combined weights didn’t come close to a car we moved over to the next fast food joint.

Burger King was next door so that was to be our new “victim”. This time there was an answer. We ordered our food and pedaled around to pick online casino it up. When we got to the first window to pay a manager was there and gave us a little talking to. He still let us pay for and receive our food but he told us never to do it again. The girl who gave us our food was a little more entertained. As a shy kid I was pretty scared to be scolded by a random person but at least I fulfilled my stupid act quota for a time. I guess you could say I wasn’t the most outgoing kid on the block.

Burger King must have had laser activation on their order box and McDonalds a pressure sensor. I could see why one would prefer a pressure sensor. I assume both have cameras to see who is outside but you might need some way of telling the employee someone is outside without looking at the security screen very five seconds. A pressure sensor makes sure that whatever is outside is at least heavy enough to be a car. That way you don’t have to deal with hooligans like me when they think it would be funny to use something other than a car.

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