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The Popular Pressure Sensor

Popularity is a fleeting thing when you are in high school, and it seems like the most important characteristic one can own. However, it is a thing that fades for most people as they move on to college and the adult world, and they forget why it was so important once. Popularity in industrial and faviconcommercial products is something that rarely fades if a product truly is necessary in our day and age. Since the beginning of the machine age, pressure sensors have been one of the most popular products on the market, although the common person does not know so.

Any industry that works with gas or liquid needs a pressure sensor to keep track of what is going on inside the pipe system through which the substance runs. Because so many industrial machines require gas or electric power, nearly every industry requires a few pressure sensors for measurement and maintenance. Included are petrochemical processing, waste water treatment, food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, aviation, marine, military and manufacturing industries.

Another reason pressure sensors have retained their popularity is that there are so many variances on the original model that an industry can purchase the perfect sensor for their application. Regardless of how they are different though, a few things always remain the same with pressure sensors. Pressure transducers incorporation into every pressure sensor system is one solid similarity, since it is the pressure transducer that translates the energy reading into energy that can be displayed as a mathematical reading. Sensors are always used to pick up the signal and although the display screen may vary, there is always a display screen. One of many variances between pressure sensors is how certain models measure the pressure of a liquid or a gas flow against something else, such as absolute pressure sensors or gauge pressure sensors.

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