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Reasons Behind Pressure Gauge Failure

Pressure gauges are a common component in many applications and industries. However, pressure gauges aren’t made homogeneously. They may be designed by different pressure gauge manufacturers for different applications. Some of these gauges must endure volatile environments. This brings about the very real possibility of pressure gauge breakage andfavicon failure. This can happen for a multitude of reasons, so pressure instruments should be inspected regularly.

One of the more obvious reasons a pressure gauge can fail is if it is mishandled or improperly used. That fact is probably ubiquitous with almost any device and can be prevented by ensuring the people who handle pressure gauges are properly trained. The mechanical vibration of machines or the system the pressure gauge is implemented into can force the gauge from a position of equilibrium. This can either cause breakage or false readings. Similar to mechanical vibration, rhythmic vibration alternations of a system can potentially damage a pressure instrument.

Certain pressure gauges are not designed to handle the extreme pressures of some systems, so it is imperative to know if the pressure gauge used is qualified to handle certain temperatures. For systems where chemicals are used, corrosion may occur. Last but not least, spikes in pressure and significantly affect a pressure instrument’s reading accuracy.

All of these potential sources to cause pressure gauge failure can be prevented or at least the possibility of them occurring can be significantly reduced. The best way to prevent failure is by choosing the right pressure gauge for the application. Snubbers can also be installed to absorb pressure shocks and fluctuations. Temperature problems can be negated with a cooling element, and overpressure protectors are available to avert pressure spikes, much like certain electrical surge protector plugs. There are a number of ways a pressure gauge can become damaged, but with the right precautions a pressure instrument can last a long time.