How Precision Investment Casting Services Serve Industry

I once saw a video about the investment casting process, and I was struck by a few things as I was watching it. First, I was struck by the number of different phases involved in the process of investment casting products. The pattern making phases, the shell coating phases, the casting phase and the shell breaking phase each seem complicated enough without being combined together into one metalworking process. I was also struck by how such imprecise-looking shells could produce casting with such precision. Of course I realize that an investment casting shell will not look particularly well-formed from the outside, but it was still striking to see a precise, intricately-formed casting emerge from the seemingly plain shell.

These two observations are related to each other. Investment casting is capable of producing precise, intricately designed metal products because it is a precise process. Precision investment casting services earn their titles simply by virtue of being investment casting operations. The wax pattern design phase allows for the creation of patterns with exceptionally detailed profiles. This is key to the creation of precise cast metal products. The ceramic/sand coating phase encases the wax pattern, carefully and precisely forming around the pattern’s contours. When the wax is removed from the hardened ceramic casting shell, the process becomes somewhat simpler. The molten metal is simply poured into the shell, and it is allowed to cool and harden over time. The shell is then broken off, either with vibration or by other methods, revealing a precise investment casting. The process is involved and complicated for a reason, and that reason is that investment casting is used for the creation of precise, complicated parts. Though it isn’t suitable for the large scale production of metal parts with simple profiles, precision metal casting is an excellent choice for the creation of complex parts in small volumes.