The Multifaceted Industrial Oven

When I say ovens, most people think of stove/oven combination unit that is more frequently used for baking cookies than anything else. The industrial ovens I’m going to talk about though, are no place for mom’s famous cookies.faviconThese heavy duty pieces of equipment have a ton of uses and go relatively unthought-of by the general masses. I can guarantee though you would notice if there was a world without industrial ovens!

So if you’re like I was, you’re thinking what is an industrial oven anyways? How does it differ from the oven at my house? Industrial ovens come in all shapes and sizes and the temperature that they can reach varies greatly based on the use of the oven. There are drying ovens; these ovens are specifically used to ensure that all moisture has been removed from certain products. Then you have ovens designed specifically to cause substance reactions; these are called curing ovens. If you want to go into the topic deeper, you then have baking ovens, batch ovens, conveyor ovens; the list goes on and on!

These industrial ovens are used for drying, baking, curing, virtually all industries require an oven for one purpose or another. Ovens can be put into the back of a truck or on a cart thereby making them portable and then able to be taken wherever the industry should need. These are called batch ovens and are used primarily for curing or baking. These are the kind of ovens that are usually found in supermarket bakeries. Conveyor ovens are the kind that can be used for almost anything. They provide continuous heat while items that are being baked, dried or cured pass through it on a conveyor. Conveyor ovens may be used when a large number of products need to be heat processed at once over a short period of time. Industrial ovens are everywhere, whether they cross into the forefront of your mind or not, they are working all over the place behind the scenes helping to make the products we count on every day.