Fabric Pouches for Breast Cancer Support

As any sewing contractor knows, the world of pouches is extremely large. There is a pouch for nearly everything, from carrying groceries, to wearing babies, to holding industrial goods during factory productions. With so many different uses for various kinds of pouches, it is no surprise that many sewing contractors and industrial sewing facilities specialized in the construction and development of new pouch designs.

Perhaps there has never been a better use for the pouch than the one developed by Keller Medical, Inc. for breast cancer survivors. The concept for the design came from a breast cancer survivor herself. The patient had experience in the world of textiles, and realized that there was a much better way to care for a breast cancer patient after surgery than had existed up until that point.
Before the Marsupial(R) Pouch came along, breast cancer patients had to deal with uncomfortable tubes and draining equipment hanging from their bodies for several days. This prevented the mobility of these patients. The Marsupial(R) Pouch allows a patient to place all of the surgery tubes and other leftover pieces inside the pouch, which is easier to carry around and improves mobility significantly.

In addition to providing comfort for the patient, the pouch also improved other aspects of the process, including help with keeping the tubes secure and concealing the drainage tubes from view. This helps to improve the patient’s self-esteem in the immediate hours and days after surgery, which is extremely important.

The pouch is distributed directly to hospitals, physician’s offices, and surgery centers. Individual women can also purchase their own pouch online if their health care provide does not have access to a pouch. This is one example of how an age-old product sewn and manufactured for years can be given new life and purpose.