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From the Basic Tire Filling to Much More

In the past couple of months I have become very acquainted with our small air compressor in the garage. This is mainly due to the fact that the rear tire of my car has a steady leak and must be filled every four or five days (although this could be more frequent if I am driving a longer distance). So until it gets replaced, I must keep going back to fill it favicononce my car low tire light flips on. Luckily the model in our garage is easy to use, making the perfect temporary solution to the problem.

When it comes to choosing the right air compressor for you, it will mainly depend on the future application. They can range in style, power used to operate, method used to operate and in their size. Air compressors are often made out of aluminum, steel or cast iron. However, plastic can also be a common choice in lightweight compressors such as mini compressors or portable models. These small models could be especially useful to have kept on hand in cars in case a tire should need air. The power method could be rechargeable batteries, or possibly plugged into the cigarette lighter. Then there are the many types such as rotary, screw, portable, oilless and more.

While many things vary, in the form of construction, the overall goal of air compressors remains the same. In general, they are made of two main components which are a compressing mechanism and a power source. The compression mechanisms are pistons, vanes and impellers. Meanwhile the power source can come from a gas powered motor, an electric motor or a power takeoff. To find the perfect option for your application, a trusted supplier or manufacturer might be the way to go. They can work with you to make sure it will fit your requirements just right.