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Polyurethane Manufacturers: The Polyurethane Products

Why such a wide variety of products use polyurethane as their material base is easily explained in just a few short paragraphs; that is how simple, straightforward and convincing the positive characteristics of polyurethane molding are. That is also why polyurethane manufacturers are so successful. Not only is it a product that can be easily altered to create a variety of textures and levels of hardness but the molding techniques utilized to shape various polyurethane products are quick and require less cash then other processes and materials. Able to specify their business model to produce products for a specific industry or specialize in a certain type of polyurethane that is used in many industries, the options available for polyurethane manufacturers are vast.

The product ranges can be slimmed down into a few major categories, within which many styles and specific products may fit. Urethane bushings are ring shaped products that are used to absorb shock resulting from motion and friction and are also considered urethane bumpers. Such parts are used consistently in the automotive industry, but in various shapes and sizes are also found in machining, electronic and construction industries too. Urethane tubes and rods are another major category that contains numerous products. Both of these shapes made from polyurethane are chosen because of the traits of the material, such as resistance to weather and chemical corrosion, strength, durability and high load bearing capacity.

Urethane sheets are also commonly manufactured and then machined further to produce a variety of additional products. Coming in many thicknesses, lengths and widths, urethane sheets can be made into conveyor belts, gaskets and liners or pads in industries such as mining and transportation. A final product category that displays the many polyurethane variables is the urethane wheel. Because it can be specifically designed to be nearly any level of hardness, polyurethane is the ideal material to produce wheels for skateboards, cars, bicycles and any other movement oriented structure.