Bungee Jumping and Bungee Cords

Polypropylene Rope

One of my biggest fears in life is of heights. So, naturally, I have always wanted to go bungee jumping. Yes, I may nearly pass out before hand from fear, but after that, fear conquered. So hopefully in like ten years I will be ready to attempt it. Bungee cords are an elastic cord in which elastic strands make up the core. They are then covered in some favicontype of braided material, often woven cotton, nylon or polypropylene.

These products have been around since before WWI where they were used for parachuting and in aircraft. The main use for bungee cords today, is their use in reducing shock. Also referred to as a shock cord, they can be found at countless stores with plastic or metal hooks on the ends. These models can be used to help strap down the trunk of a car when it is overloaded, to strap down luggage on the roof and more. By absorbing the shock from the impact they are able to make for smoother traveling and motion.

From extreme sports to shipping, bungee cords can be highly useful. Because they are used in such a wide array of contexts they are made in a variety of sizes. Various lengths, diameters and colors are available to make sure that the perfect option is available for the given application. While they are very sturdy and durable, prolonged use can eventually lead to fraying. To make sure that the cord is completely safe, it should be checked regularly over the entire length for signs of fraying to ensure that the cord is not splitting at any point throughout it. The ends should also be checked to make sure they are secure and free of damage. This will help protect the users of the shock cords, and the products that they are being used on.