A Tradition of Polishing

Polishing Equipment

As a child I never understood why my father would spend laborious hours hovering over his Z28 Camaro. To me, a child of five or six, it appeared as if my dad would wash his car and then towel dry it over and over. In all reality of faviconcourse he was polishing the car making it shine like the day it rolled into the showroom. As I got older his tradition continued. Every year, on the first nice day of spring out rolled the car, and out came the polishing equipment. When I was younger he would use polish and do it by hand. As the years went by my brother and I noticed that our dad polishing his car by hand wasn’t getting the shine that it used to. So we pitched in and split the cost of a polishing machine for our dad. From then on the yearly tradition continued only with his polishing machine doing the work.

While there are two types of polishing machines that may be used for cars we picked out a dual action polishing machine which is recommended for personal use. We left the rotary polishing machines for the professionals. In a dual action polishing machine the head oscillates, it is almost like it’s impersonating the movements of hand polishing but at a much more rapid pace. Dual action polishing machines begin to slow when even a little bit of pressure is pushed onto them, this is to help prevent build up of material and to avoid damage being done to the car. Safety must also be considered when using a polishing machine. While using hand polishing the worst thing that may happen is a couple of sore arms from using a repetitive motion. When using a polishing machine you could accidentally get clothing caught or some other catastrophe could happen. So please observe caution.

To this day my dad still has that old polishing machine; unfortunately for him the polisher we got him outlived the Camaro. During the time he did have the car though he said the polishing machine made the difference. It got his car shinier and smoother than he ever could have by hand. If you want a shiny car, and you don’t want to have to do it by hand a polishing machine is the way to go!