Conveying Seeds in Industrial Settings

Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems use low-velocity motive gas with a high-pressure differential to move bulk materials quickly and easily. Many manufacturing companies that work with delicate materials choose dense phase systems over less dense systems because the dense phase systems work with lower velocities than other conveying systems. Low velocity is easier on delicate materials that could become damaged by harsher transportation processes.

One industry that takes advantage of the benefits of dense phase conveying is agricultural industries that transport large quantities of seeds. Dense phase pneumatic conveying is ideal for transporting small and delicate seeds like canola seeds, soybean seeds, cotton seeds, and other small and delicate seeds. Without the advantages of the dense phase system, the seeds could become damaged and useless during the transportation process. The benefits of dense phase systems are extremely useful in the transportation of seeds from place to place.

Dense phase conveying provides many benefits for seed transportation. The low velocity of the system ensures that seeds do not break or receive undue stress during transport. Reduced impact on the seeds means that the factory can produce a higher number of useable seeds for sale and factory use, which leads to increased profits and a more effective business.

Dense phase systems do not only benefit the product itself however. The use of these system can also save a factory money. Dense phase systems use dilute-phase conveying, which reduces the amount of wear on the components of the system. Less wear on the system equals fewer repairs and replacements for the factory, which increases profits and reduces the down time of the machine- boosting production and customer satisfaction.