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The Advantages of Plunge EDM

It is often a wonder how far technology has come throughout the years. Man is capable of doing almost anything these days, from communicating around the globe to being able to travel to the moon and back. As technology continues to increase daily, it is exciting to imagine all of the things that may be possible in a few hundred years (assuming we didn’t destroy the planet on our way…). One way that technology has really grown is the way that we machine different items. Carving by hand has become a nuisance, especially because modern technology contains so many minuscule parts. For this reason new faviconmethods had to be developed, one such method that is gaining momentum and popularity is EDM.

To get high quality parts for your industry, you could easily consider EDM. EDM, or electrical discharge machining, is a method of using sparks to shave away unwanted bits of metal. One particular method, plunge EDM, is one of the favorite and most used forms of EDM. In plunge EDM, also called conventional EDM, sinker EDM, or ram EDM, the electrical sparks generate heat from eight to twenty thousand degrees to melt away the unwanted metal creating the desired shape or pattern.

Other EDM methods include wire EDM. However, the advantage to using the plunge method over the wire method, is plunge is capable of producing 3D parts, while wire only has the capacities for 2D. Other advantages include the fact that plunge is capable of treating much harder metals such as stainless steel, copper, graphite and other exotic metals that would be difficult or impossible for the normal EDM methods. In all of these processes, different electrodes can be used depending on the method, the materials being used and the desired effect. Most often with plunge EDM electrodes are machined graphite, tungsten or brass.

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