ReFlex Bio Plastic

Plastisol Coating

As companies and factories try to reduce the amount of waste and injury to the environment, many studies and research has been made into alternative materials for plastic production. Most plastics are made from petroleum-based materials, which is notfavicon only hard to process, but also is a rapidly-depleting resource.

Although there has been much research in the field of alternative plastic productions, it is not until recently that companies were able to replace traditional plastics with bio-based plastics, especially in industrial settings. One commonly-used plastic product for coating tubes and tool handles, Plastisol, was one-of-a-kind until recently.

In 2003, a research company was able to create a new grade of bio-plastic made from renewable feedstocks and soybeans. The plastic has many of the same properties as Plastisol, but is made from 99 percent bio-degradable content. This makes it a much more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional plastic coating products. The material is also certified by the Department of Agriculture BioPreferred.

This product, known as reFlex plastic, has many application in the industrial world. The flexibility and lifespan of the product makes it a viable replacement choice for plastic coatings including medical tubing, plastic tubing connectors, insulating material for electrical components, plugs, shoe manufacturing, toy production, weather stripping, furniture, flooring, gaskets, tool handle coatings, packaging film, and much more.

Where once the traditional flexible petroleum products were in use, reFlex plastic can be used instead. When the part is no longer in use, it can be easily recycled and disposed of due to the high bio-content of the plastic. Surprisingly enough, there is little difference in the performance or lifespan of the bio-plastic when compared with original petroleum-based plastic coatings.