Advantages of Clear Tubing

Surgical tubing is highly useful for a variety of medical tasks. Typically made from natural rubber latex or a synthetic rubber, the tubing is used for tying off wounds, restricting blood floor, IVs, resistance training, and much more. While most tubing is yellow or tan, some tubing is completely clear. Clear surgical tubing actually has many advantages over traditional opaque tubing, and more medical institutions are turning to the use of clear tubing. Clear surgical tubing can provide the following benefits to users:

Visible contents: With opaque tubing, it is impossible to see the contents of the tubing. This can make it difficult to spot obstructions or to tell if the tubing is working properly.

Easy flow monitoring: With clear tubing, it is easy to see exactly how much liquid is going through the tube and how fast. This is much harder with opaque tubing.

Easier to clean: The clear nature of the tube makes it easier to clean. It is easy to see where contamination occurs and remove it promptly. It is also easier to see the growth of unwanted bacteria or mold inside clear tubes.

Visible signs of wear: Sometimes it is hard to tell if a opaque tube needs replacement. Since the tube changes little in color or texture over time, it may mistakenly break without any signs of wear. With clear tubes, it is easy to see stress on the tubing and other signs of wear, including yellowing, cracks, and other signs of stress. A medical center can replace the tubing when it first starts showing signs of wear to protect the health of patients and prevent the spillage of expensive medical fluids or hazardous waste.

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