Injection Molded Urethane: When in Doubt

If you are purchasing molded urethane products and are not sure if you should mass produce them by way of urethane casting or injection molding, then you have a few things to consider before you make a decision. Polyurethane molding is a popular material for the production of a variety of products in a faviconplethora of industrial settings. The elastic polymer has a chemical structure that can be fine tuned to result in numerous textures and levels of softness and hardness, which makes it a very unique substance. Once you have chosen the type of urethane you want, the next question is, how do you want to form it into your product?

When in doubt, choose injection molded urethane as your product base. Although both urethane casting and injection molding are effective and quick, injection molding is even faster and is also an easier process to clean up during and after the mass production of a single type of product. Other benefits of injection molded urethane include the excellent machining characteristics and the fact that they are known to be extra tough and durable after the injection molding process.

In general, injection molding seems to work better in an assembly line, so if the product you need requires any additional work after it goes through the molding process, then injection molded urethane will be easier. Otherwise, both molding processes produce excellent products because the material itself has such great qualities. Whether you are in the electronic, medical, safety, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, recreation or transportation industries, to name just a few that utilize molded urethane products, this excellent material is the answer for your production needs. Contact a job shop soon to hash out the details of your production so you can get your urethane products made and on their way to your market.

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