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The New Name Plates

Cubicle name plates haven’t changed much in the past 50 years or more. The same kinds of basic plastic or wood sign has been used in workplaces around the world without much variation or excitement. However, the trend of boring cubicle name plates has ended. One name plate manufacturer has created a new innovative design for name plates that are both functional and stylish in the modern office.

The new plates use a clear acrylic tube design. The name plate holder combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. The entire name plate is shaped like an inverted “U” and it is designed to hang from office partition walls.favicon The name plate holder is easy to use with any standard name plate, and the acrylic design is sturdy enough to withstand dropping, shaking, and other common issues that occur through the day-to-day activities in a modern office. The clear design will not interfere with any other decorative aspects of an office, and the low-profile ensures that the name plate will not stick out and interfere with normal office activities.

In a world where nameplate design has stagnated, the invention of this new design by a name plate manufacturer is welcome. Offices that want to have a more modern look to their cubicles will jump on the chance to have a modern solution to the name plate problem. Switching out name plate design may not seem like a big deal, but changing how names are displayed can alter the entire feel of an office, making it feel younger, fresher, and hipper.

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