Crates and More Crates

Plastic crates can be used for all kinds of purposes. I can’t name them all but they can be used for transportation, storage, or for organization. When I think of plastic crates I think of how widely they are used throughout my household. In my house we have many plastic crates because they are so useful. I’ll tell you how my family and I use them as a consumer just like you so that you may gain some perspective on why they are vital.

One place in our house where plastic crates reign king is our root-cellar. As it is an unfamiliar term, a root-cellar is a room surrounded by thick concrete where people would often store salted produce/perishable foods and wine back in the day to keep everything fresh. Now that we have refrigerators, my father converted the obsolete root-cellar into a room where we can keep all of our garden supplies and appliances, in which plastic crates play a large part. Because of plastic’s strong nature, plastic crates make a good transportation device and allows one to carry more supplies such as small shovels, bags of gravel, and so on. They also make good devices for organization and help keep the room tidy. We have a plastic crate for garden gloves, one for garden tools, and another for pots. They make tending the natural outdoors easier.

Another purpose plastic crates serve in our household is the storage of holiday decorations for around our house. We have a large cabinet in our house that stores every decoration for the holidays, and we have a plastic crate for each holiday.

There are so many more purposes that plastic crates serve around my house, but if I listed them all you would probably end up reading a three page blog; I doubt you have enough time for that… My point is that plastic crates serve as one of the best appliances you can purchase. Plastic crates can serve many different purposes, including easing transportation and maintaining organization.