Packateers: Stock and Custom Plastic Storage and Packaging

Plastic Cases


Packateers was formed in 1963 as a blow molded and extruded plastic products engineering and sales firm, but over the years we have expanded and improved our manufacturing capabilities. Today we have incorporated vacuum forming, blow molding, and injection molding processes and offer a diverse range of plastic products including plastic cases , plastic bags, plastic packaging, and plastic displays. We have developed a multitude of quality, stock plastic products but also open our doors to customers with special requirements and custom products.

Some of our most popular products are our diverse offering of stock and custom cases . Many of our customers can find exactly what they need in our large stock of standard cases. Our stock blow molded cases can accommodate most applications with cases ranging from slim and narrow cases to large 27” by 16” cases. To enhance our product diversity further, we also offer numerous stock vacuum formed cases which can serve light weight to heavy duty carrying case applications. We also offer our blow molding, vacuum forming, injection molding, and ATA case fabricating services to custom manufacture a case that perfectly serves your applications.In addition, we also manufacture an impressive selection of stock and custom plastic bags. We offer many stock clear and white block closable bags. Stock bags come in two and four mil thicknesses and come in sizes ranging from 1” by 1” up to 12” by 15” to efficiently store both small and large items. With versatile manufacturing capabilities, we can fabricate grocery bags, storage bags, FDA approved bags, and much more. Packateers is devoted to finding you the perfect plastic solution regardless of whether it requires stock products or special manufacturing.