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AZ Industries

Logo From its humble beginnings in founder/inventor Les Adam’s garage in 1972 to its position today as a leading manufacturer of custom permanent magnets, AZ Industries has always taken pride in being a one stop shop for any and all of their customers’ magnet needs. No order is too large or small, too simple or too complex. AZ industries does it all including coated magnets, magnetizers, demagnetizers, sub-assemblies, plastic molded magnets, pressed magnets, precision ground magnets and private label packaging. All products are made proudly right here in the U.S. and are built to meet specific requirements in fields such as retail trade, laser, automotive, aerospace, musical, medical and many more.

AZ Industries Photo Courtesy of AZ Industries

In addition to offering high quality magnets, AZ Industries also provides services including waterjet cutting, core drilling, surface grinding, abrasive cutting, cnc machining, automated Band Saw Cutting and many, many more. Trusted by customers worldwide as a full service machine shop, AZ Industries makes it all from prototypes to full production runs. Due to a large inventory of magnetic materials, the company brags excellent lead times, often able to ship parts in one to two days. With over 200 years of combined experience, AZ Industries is confident they will not only meet their customers’ needs but exceed their expectations, tackling challenges that only apply to magnetic products and devices. It is this versatility and dedication that had brought them to the place they are today- a successful woman owned, small business.

AZ Industries1Photo Courtesy of AZ Industries

AZ Industries has been committed to manufacturing high quality magnets for the medical field and for green solutions before the green movement became so popular. It is one of the company’s top goals to offer users a better understanding of magnetics, so that their customers can get optimum use of the self contained energy phenomenon. AZ Industries is committed to their customers’ needs above all else, always striving to achieve the highest quality standards with efficiency and competitive pricing. Call or visit the company’s website today for more detailed information.

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