Troubleshooting Pipe Bending Equipment

Pipe Fabrication

In pipe fabrication, the bend quality of the pipes is extremely important. If the bends are weak or damaged, then the entire integrity of the pipe is compromised. When pipe bend problems occur, it is extremely important to fix the issue as soon as possible. Many factories think that expensive repairs and complicated machine adjustmentsfavicon are necessary to fix these issues, but before you rush to try a complicated solution, there are three simple areas to check that can help resolve the problem without expensive repairs or complicated maintenance procedures. If your pipe fabrication bends are not up to the proper quality, check the following areas before trying any other repair methods:

Tool wear: Tools wear out over time, and if your fabrication quality is suddenly lower without any explanation, your tools may be to blame. Replace tools as soon as they start to show signs of wear to prevent the need for more complicated repairs in the future. Making small adjustments can also make a difference, such as adjusting the wiper rake for tube support, reducing the tube ID clearance, moving the mandrel forward, or moving the wiper tip toward the tangent.

Durable tooling: Check for durable tooling issues after you know the machine itself is in good working order. Check the bend die groove, the pressure die groove, the grip groove, and the bend die concentration to ensure the parts are working properly and provide enough support and accuracy to complete quality pipe bends.

Machine accuracy: The accuracy and precision of your machine settings are extremely important. If you notice poor bend quality, use a dial indicator to check the overall accuracy of each part of the pipe fabricating process to ensure that each step is precise and as accurate as possible.