Piano Hinges: Piano Protection With Ease

When I was in grade school my mother thought that it would be a good idea if she signed me up for piano lessons. She saw the value in adding extracurricular activities to my calendar would make me a better rounded person. From the experience I learned to play, manage my schedule, read music, and many other valuable lessons. I remember my piano teacher telling me how important it was to take care of any instrument you play. In this case after each lesson we would wipe down the keys and make sure to close the top back down on them to keep dust and dirt out of them or even any spills that could potentially happen around the piano. I remember my teacher’s piano had the shiniest brass miniature piano hinges I had ever seen on a piano key door.

These hinges made it extremely easy to cover and uncover the keys when we were ready to play or finished for the day. When dirt and other particles get in between and underneath the keys it can lead to potential damage of the keys and cause and interfere with the music being played. I have ran into a few sticky keys in my time and that makes it harder to play and can effect the sound that we hear. By having a hinged cover attached right to the piano it makes it very easy to just simply open and close when in use or not in use. Just think if you had to physically take the covering piece of wood on and off and what a hassle that would be. It kind of reminds me of a key board computer. Most of us never cover these and they get so much dust and dirt in them and it makes me cringe. With that analogy we can all see the benefits of covering up keys. Hinges make our lives simpler in multiple ways and this is just one of many.