A Childhood Filled with Great Toys

There are a lot of materials that make up the composition of children’s toys. Today, the majority of kids’ toys are made of plastic or some kind of plastic composite. In the 1980s, however, more children’s toys were made of metal. As a young child during that decade, I had a lot of toys made from metal, and one of my most cherished toys was my Lite Brite. It was a simple metal box with a light bulb inside of it. Covering the light bulb was favicona panel of perforated metal. It came with black sheets of paper, something akin to construction paper, and small, colored plastic pegs. The paper had patterns on it and you could either follow the pattern or create your own picture by forcing the pegs into the holes of the perforated metal. You would turn off the light, switch on the Lite Brite, and the picture you made would glow colorfully.

Perforated metals manufacturers provided children with hours of enjoyment back then. From Chinese checkers – a game I never learned to play properly, but really liked because marbles were involved – to Erector Sets – I think my older brother had one of these because I recall various little metal structures bolted together – the 80s were rife with games that in one way or another perforated metal. The toys like my Lite Brite were sturdy, durable, and dependable. It was constructed exactly how perforated metals manufacturers intended. Perforated metal is really any kind of metal with holes in it, as the name implies.

Perforated metals manufacturers make perforated metal products more for various industrial uses today, like screen doors and kitchen colanders. But there is still a place in the toys market for toys that involve perforated metals, though I think the Lite Brite is now made mostly of plastic. But no matter what that toy is made of, I think were I to have one today, it would bring me just as much joy as it did when I was six.