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Industrial Science and Technology: Smart Parts Washers

While there are many different varieties of auto parts washer machines, many of them have similar characteristics. Most parts washers have a large tank where the partsfavicon are sprayed and vibrated to remove unwanted dirt, oil, and other contaminants. This helps the automotive parts perform better when they are reinstalled into the vehicle. Cleaning parts will improve vehicle performance, reduce engine and gas contamination, and extend the life of the vehicle.

Recently, parts washer manufacturers have tried to create new and efficient methods for cleaning automotive parts. The goal of the new auto parts washer is to clean the parts using less waste, speed up the cleaning process, and reduce the use of harsh chemicals and solvents in the cleaning process. These new brands of washers, known as smart part washers, meld traditional washing with new technology and scientific discovery.

Many new smart washers use biotechnology to help break down the oils and contaminants present on the automotive parts. The smart washers use a more natural cleaning process, called bioremediation, to break down oils, eliminate waste streams, reduce pollution, and increase operator safety. Bioremediation releases small natural particles in with the washing solution that transforms contaminants into a mixture of carbon dioxide and water, rather than simply washing the toxic materials down a drain. The process is similar to the process of keeping a septic tank clean with the use of beneficial bacteria, which breaks down the waste inside the tank.

With the use of a smart washer, an automotive company can save time and money when washing automotive parts. Because the smart washers can transform toxic materials into safe particles for regular drain systems, there is no need to dispose of the cleaning mixture in a special manner. Employees do not require gloves, eye protection, or other heavy safety gear while operating the washers. These benefits make a smart washer a wise choice for many industrial and automotive applications.