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Dental & Medical Applications from ESMA, Inc.

Parts Washers are not machines limited to industrial settings alone, nor are equipment categorized with them such as ultrasonic cleaners, which is something ESMA, Inc. has keyed into. This forward thinking company manufactures and markets ultrasonic parts cleaners for pre-sterilization, surface finishing and faviconcorrosion resistance, among other uses. One of their focused industries outside of manufacturing companies is the dental and medical field. In arenas where sanitization is a necessity and sometimes saves lives, having proper parts washers is absolutely necessary. The ultrasonic cleaners produced by ESMA, Inc. are a perfect fit for multiple levels of medical and dental tool cleanliness.

The way that ultrasonic part cleaners’ work, particularly those manufactured at ESMA, Inc. is as follows: Their automated process involves heated storage tanks that transfer liquid at the appropriate time into a single ultrasonic process chamber. By moving the fluid rather then the parts, ESMA ensures that the products being cleaned of dangerous chemicals in their ultrasonic cleaners may go through the process unscathed and without leaking any of those dangerous chemicals into the surrounding environment. Multi-tank models are available, as are benchtop models for lower-intensity polishing necessities. Whatever size or model the ultrasonic cleaner is though, it is guaranteed to clean or polish the instruments put within it.

High powered water circulation and a variety of chemical solutions allow parts washers like ultrasonic cleaners to function quickly, effectively and affordably. Automated systems means that a minimum of employees needs to be present while the machine is processing, which will save the company purchasing a ultrasonic cleaner money, as will the ability to recycle some of the water used to clean the parts. The speed of the process is particularly necessary in a medical or dental environment, where reusing an instrument is only possible when it can be cleaned quickly and well. Although industrial companies will want to purchase their ultrasonic cleaners from ESMA, Inc. as well, the dental and medical industries should definitely take a look.