Markings and Engravings for Father’s Day

Part Marking

In today’s day and age, everyone has a lot of stuff. Nearly everyone I know has at least a cell phone and an Ipod. On top of this most college students need laptop computers and televisions. Then there are the small gadgets like kindles, nooks, Ipads, cameras and so much more. Especially when it comes to electronics we want to be careful and protect the items we have because they are not usually cheap. One method that is becoming popular with many of these is to engrave them. In fact, the new Ipad is advertising engraved notes to fathers on the back to help sell Ipads for Father’s Day. When I got my Ipod for Christmas a couple years ago, my mom had it engraved for me. Not only is it a nice personal touch, but it helps to easily distinguish one from the other.

Part marking systems are processes that are able to engrave, etch or otherwise mark by a design, image, logo or identification code on a product or part. This can be accomplished through a wide range of machines and processes depending on the piece being marked, materials, the intended design and so on. Methods include dot peening to laser markers to embossing and engraving machines and more. The most commonly marked material is metal, but wood, paper, plastic, leather, fabric, glass and textiles can be as well. In some businesses it can reduce counterfeiting by using product identification. This is important in industries such as automotive, medical and aerospace. In most cases companies in these fields will refuse to purchase inadequately marked products for fear that they would be faulty. It could also help distinguish similar products from each other. For example, if two sisters got matching bracelets, a small engraving in each would distinguish the two.