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Parker Offers A Low Energy Solenoid Valve Designed for Durability and Performance in Life Science Applications

Press Release – October 15, 2008 by Parker Hannifin, Pneutronics Division

The Pneutronics Division of Parker Hannifin announces the release of its new Low Energy Solenoid Valve, the TenX® Le. This electro-magnetic poppet valve offers high performance in a lightweight 10mm design.

Providing up to 22lpm of flow through a 0.060in orifice, this 2/3-way normally closed, normally open or 3-way distributor valve operates at up to 30psi with a fast response time (to 5 msec full cycle) and high reliability (rated for 20 million cycles without any performance degradation).

The TenX® Le incorporates efficient pulse width modulation (PWM)circuit technology, which consumes an insignificant amount of power and generates minimal heat, making it an ideal fit for portable medical and analytical devices “We designed the TenX® Le to meet the needs of customers who require solenoid control and are sensitive to the size and power constraints on their systems.” says Dan Bantz, Product Manager at Pneutronics.

“This integrated valve and electronics solution offers a pulse and hold circuit which drastically reduces energy requirements and fits this into a compact 10mm package – essential requirements for portable equipment”

The miniaturized pulse and hold circuit is virtually invisible since it is perfectly integrated into the 10mm valve package. The circuit function is also transparent to the application and does not require extra connectivity. The TenX® Le can be used as a standalone valve with tube connections or in multi-station manifold mount applications.

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Contact: Dan Bantz

Product Manager

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