The Benefits of Telescope Tubes for Packaging

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A telescope tube is a type of cardboard tube that has two pieces. The bottom piece is actually the tube container, while the second piece fits over the first and acts as the lid. Some telescope tubes have smaller tubes that act as the lid, while other cardboard tubes have lids that are nearly the same length as the original tube. Telescope tubes are often used as packaging tubes for delicate materials, including documents, artwork, light bulbs, cosmetics, and many other use. Many manufacturers choose to use these kinds of cardboard tubes to package their goods for retail sales. Telescope tubes can provide many benefits to manufacturers, such as:

Waterproofing design: Most telescope tubes have the option of adding a waterproof liner to the exterior or interior of the package. This helps keep the products inside the tube unaffected by moisture and other liquids. The waterproof layer is ideal for many food applications, including the packaging of candies, chips, cakes, and more.

Cushioned packages: Telescope tubes are ideal for packing delicate items, such as light bulbs, glass make up bottles and nail polish, and sensitive medical equipment. The tubes can have an optional layer of protection custom-built to surround the object to prevent the breakage of the product during shipping.

Easy-use containers: Telescope tubes are easy to use both at the factory during packaging and for the customer after they receive their package. Telescope tubes are easy to stuff with product. Once the customer gets the package, they can easily separate the two sides of the container to reach the contents nestled safely inside the tube.

Eco-friendly prestige: Cardboard is one of the most eco-friendly packaging materials available today. Using cardboard packaging gives your company the right to claim eco-friendly status. Customers who want to see more eco-friendly packaging options will love the use of cardboard tube packaging.