The Benefits of Low Level Palletizing Systems

With a low-level palletizer, the pallet remains at floor level or close to floor level throughout the loading process. Low level palletizers can provide a variety of benefits to factories as well as increases in efficiency for loading pallets and transferring them from one place to faviconanother.

The basic low-level palletizer design includes a system where packages and boxes are loaded onto pallets one row at a time. Usually, an elevator is used to transport the packages to the floor level of the palletizer one row at a time. Once the pallet is loaded, a machine can move it to a separate location, or a human operator can move the pallet using a fork lift.

The reason that this system can be more efficient than other palletizer systems is that the pallet does not have to change levels while loading. Level changes can increase the complications associated with loading or unloading pallets. The packages are simply lowered onto the pallet, which does not have to move at all during the loading process. This can save on loading time and eliminates some problems with the system because there are fewer components that can malfunction during the loading process. It is not necessary to stack pallets or lower them after loading, which can cause strain on equipment and employees. It also reduces the risk of damaging packages while being loaded onto the pallet or while the pallet is transferred to another location for shipment.

Some factories choose to use low level palletizers exclusively, while others use a mix of palletizers for various products and uses. For the most part, lower level palletizers can offer many benefits to factories, but this palletizer method will not work with every manufacturing or loading process. This kind of palletizer works best with conveyor systems that are already somewhat near to the ground to prevent wasted time due to elevation differences between the conveyor and the pallets.

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