Time to Go Fishing, Where’s the Tackle Box?

I come from a long line of fishermen. My grandfathers, uncles and cousin often go out on a yearly fishing trip to Canada. While this is mainly an event for the boys (which is fine by me because the girls get to go someplace more fun to relax in the sun and by a pool), the whole family helps out with locating all of the gear that have been put away in odd places months before. Fishing poles, tackle, line and tackle boxes of all shapes and sizes must be located. These are easily misplaced because someone might have borrowed something at some point or one of the younger kids put it away in the wrong place.

Tackle boxes can come in so many varieties. My grandpa has one large one, while my uncle prefers having a couple smaller ones. In the end, it really comes down to how you want to keep your stuff organized, all in one giant box, or divided out amongst a few or many. They also can come in hard plastics or softer cases. The soft case is lighter, more flexible allowing it to fit into certain places easier, while the hard cases are solid tough plastic, much more durable and better able to protect items. Latches are common for the hard cases while soft cases often use buttons or zippers to seal themselves. While both types are able to protect from certain elements such as water and dirt, hard cases tend to provide some additional protection in terms of durability from being dropped or crushed. They also tend to have more compartments to store the individual tackle and equipment needing for fishing. Due to this extra protection however, hard cases tend to be slightly more expensive. But, no matter what you choose, you can rest assured that your objects will receive at lease minor protection and organization becomes much easier.

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