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Choosing a Packaging Design Company: Finding the Diamond in the Rough

How do you choose a package design company? Do you go with the most popular? The most expensive? The cheapest? When you want your product to stand out, you have to have the right team of designers. You want your design company to not only create a brand image that is unique to yours, but to create a package that will invoke curiosity that will make people want to try your product if they never have before. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, packaging of a product is the first impression your consumers get. So you want a company that will be able to deliver the kind of packaging you are looking for.

I said to choose your design team wisely, but where do you start? I have found there to be a couple of platforms on which you can judge the fitting of a packaging design company. Clearly, you want someone who has experience, if your budget is low or you’re a new company you may be tempted to go with your friend’s child who is in college majoring in graphic design. Don’t, I’m telling you. Unless you are absolutely blown away by what this young person is doing, it’s worth the extra little bit of money to hire a company to design a package for you. The next criteria I would use would be successful stories. Let me explain; anybody can write a testimonial, anybody can lie about a testimonial. So when you find a company that you are looking into, look deeper into their satisfied customers. If it checks out, and their success stories come from real happy clients, that’s good! Another criteria that has been filled, if not, I’d continue your search.

Another thing I would look for when pondering package design companies would be a company that has a method to their madness. Anyone can whip together a packaging concept in ten minutes. You want a company that will sit down with their design team, bounce around ideas, and ask you for more information about your company than you initially give. A package design company that wants to know who your target market is and logistics like that is more likely to develop a package concept that will fit your product and bring the attention you want. The last bit of wisdom I will share with you is to look for a portfolio, one that is expansive, diverse, and creative. A company that can’t sell themselves isn’t going to do you any favors. Look for a portfolio that has a broad range of styles that has artistic value that stands out and obviously has designs that you like. When you look for a package design company, keep these values in mind. You never know what kind of an impression your packaging will have on your customers, following these steps will ensure you pick a company that will make it a good one.

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