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With over 46 years of experience, Ouellette Machinery Systems is a self-sufficient manufacturer offering a complete line of bulk, case, bag, drum and pail palletizers as well as bulk and case palletizers ranging from semi-automatic to fully automatic. Our goal has been to increase our customers’ productivity and efficiency with our high-quality, technologically advanced product handling equipment and systems. If you have unique needs, we offer customizable palletizers to meet your needs.

Ouellette Machinery Systems experienced staff and state of the art computer aided design department allows us the ability to prepare detailed floor plan layouts and efficiently solve your most complicated product handling needs. Ouellette Machinery Systems has a long-standing tradition of achievement, which we are most proud of. We pride ourselves on our innovations in the fields of mechanical and electromechanical design. We look forward to the challenges presented by our customers with excitement, and we enjoy being innovators in our industry. Our facility has grown to over 60,000 square feet and our team continues to tackle projects with enthusiasm.Here at Ouellette Machinery Systems, we are proud to be the leader in palletizers and depalletizers who offer some of the best options out there, as we provide our customers with machines that work for them, to their specifications. Our palletizers are not only faster than other companies’ products, but we also process products more efficiently. Our machines, unlike our competitors’, do not use proprietary parts. This means that you can get any replacement part from your chosen supplier and not have to wait for lengthy international deliveries.