Making Steam without Boiling Water?

Oil Boilers

Did you know that it is possible to make steam without boiling water? The new inventions of technology never cease to amaze me. New innovations invented and researched by steam boiler manufacturers have the potential to completely revolutionize the steam boiler industry for good by eliminating the need for traditional steam boilers in factoryfavicon environments and other places where traditional boilers are used, such as laundry cleaning facilities.

Scientists at Rice University in Texas have discovered a new way to create steam without the use of boiling water. Using nanoparticles, the boilers simply harness the power of sunlight to create steam rather than creating steam from boiling water. The nanoparticles break down the water and transform it into steam particles long before the water is hot enough to boil. Potentially, this system could be used in factories to eliminate the need for dangerous steam boilers inside the factory. Boil-less steam production could also help a factory save money by reducing the amount of energy required to produce steam that powers a variety of industrial equipment and processes. The developers of the nanoparticle system see the uses of the new steam production system including desalinating salt water, sterilizing medical equipment, distilling alcohol, and many others.

This new system would also benefit factories where the facility does not have burnable fuels or electricity on hand to power a traditional boiler. Factories could potentially see thousands of dollars of savings each year because they would no longer have to power steam boilers or pay for the fuel to operate the boilers. Harnessing the power of sunlight is just one innovative method that can help factories save money and reduce impact on the environment at the same time.