Ohio Revitalizing Manufacturing

The state of Ohio has made some serious efforts to improve their manufacturing sectors, from investing into the new American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute to the creating the Center for Design and Manufacturer Excellence at Ohio State University. Ohio is on the right track for not only creating economic opportunities in the short run but also for sustaining long term jobs that will encourage many companies to choose products that are manufactured right here in the United States.

Ohio is an example of a state that has been greatly influenced by the growth of United States manufacturing. The manufacturing sector is a key factor to Ohio’s economy and this industry creates nearly $304 billion a year which results in 17% of the Ohio’s GDP. Ohio has been a catalyst for manufacturing experimentation. One year ago to this month the White House announced the creation of new manufacturing centers across the nation. This plan was made into fruition based off the success of the pilot institute located in Youngstown, Ohio. This facility known as the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute is accredited for assisting with reinvigorating the expansion of advanced manufacturing in the United States.

However, even though there is much excited about these new institutes, many states have very serious issues brewing in their manufacturing districts. Many manufacturing employees are reaching the age of retirement and employers are struggling to find adequate replacements who are interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing. Although there may be some exceptions, this does not seem to an issue for Ohio. At a recent manufacturing job fair at the Advanced Technology Training Center in Cuyahoga there was an overwhelming turnout of people interested in manufacturing companies. Over 50 employers attended the job fair, all of which had openings for potential candidates.

Manufacturing is on the rise and which results in waves of new employment to meet the need of growing demands. According to a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll and CareerBuilder they discovered that 57% of employers plan to hire new college graduates. This is an increase from the 2010 survey which reported only 44% of employers wanting to hire college graduates. As we enter these coming summer months we are expecting employment to continue rise for the state of Ohio.