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Office Guidance

A few weeks ago I visited my mom at work at the end of the day. We were just about the only two people left in her office and were in a hurry to get out of there to make it to an appointment. She had to finish up a couple last minute things and to hurry her along I was helping her. Some papers that needed to be brought to a co-workers desk and I offered to run them over to her cubical. faviconNow her office is rather large with almost one hundred cubicles set up. She pointed me in the general direction of the persons desk that is was supposed to go to and I was on my way. The only way I ever figured out exactly which desk to put it on was because of the office’s use of nameplates. I easily matched the persons name with their nameplate and knew that I had the correct desk immediately.

Nameplates are very beneficial for office use especially if it is a type of business that has many visitors coming through on a day to day basis. This helps direct people who are unfamiliar with the office around and guide them to the correct location. They also add a professional look and a sense of respect. Nameplate manufacturers produce nameplates in all different materials, colors, textures and engraving styles. A selection can be picked to perfectly match any color scheme and fit in nicely. These plaques do not take a long time to produce so they can be ordered and received rather quickly. A nameplate usually consists of a person’s first and last name as well as their title wit a company. These can be made out of plastic, metal, brass, wood, aluminum and many other materials.

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