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Domed Nameplates: The Aesthetics of Things

It can not be denied that we live in a society that prizes aesthetics. Just flip through a magazine and you will be bombarded with ads full of beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes or holding beautiful accessories. Interior decorating is a bombing industry, even in this rough economic climate because everyone wants to have faviconthe perfect looking home. This is even true of the hipster generation; they don’t spend tons of money to do it but they do spend a lot of energy finding the perfect thrift store and hand-me-down accessories for the aesthetic they want. Marketing is obviously apart of this aesthetic craze, so it makes sense that nameplates, which can be used as forms of interior decorating or marketing tools are also in the game.

Because of the prestige that is often associated with name plates in office and business settings, certain processes add an extra element of class. Domed nameplates are basically nameplates covered in a transparent plastic dome, which can be thick or thin, but gives the nameplate a little something extra in the aesthetics department. It also serves as a protective layer so that the domed nameplate will last significantly longer then a non-domed nameplate.

Domed nameplates are usually created by placing a completed nameplate, which can be a plastic nameplate, gold nameplate or any other kind of metal into a mold that contains molten polyurethane. Polyurethane is strong, clear and smooth, which makes it the perfect substance for a domed nameplate effect. Particularly if the nameplate is 3-D, the domed aesthetic will make it even more pleasing and interesting to look at, catching people’s eye. Not only are these nameplates used in business settings but also as monograms for products such as musical instruments and specialized electronics. Although there is also a practical side to domed nameplates, the aesthetic is till the coolest part.

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