Rope Swings

Nylon Rope

Growing up the house that I lived in had a huge tree in the back yard. The trunk had such a large circumference that it appeared to be three or four trees all transformed together. When I first saw the tree I thought that it would be the perfect kind of tree to hang a rope swing from, so I did just that. My father and I had gone to the hardware store and picked out a nice sturdy rope swing seat. We knew that we were going to need a really long rope to go with is as the point of the tree that we had selected to tie the rope from was very high up. As we talked to the sales man, he suggested that we purchase a nylon rope for our purposes of using rope for a rope swing. He backed his statement up by telling us the benefit of using nylon ropes against choosing another.

To my surprise, the benefits and quality of nylon ropes are almost endless as they have many qualities that other similar looking ropes do not. Nylon is the strongest type of rope in general for all basic common uses. It has the ability to be stretched out when pulling or holding weight and go back to its original length when not under stress or in use. In my particular situation we knew the rope would have a permanent residency outdoors. Nylon rope was also a good choice for this because it has a high resistance to ultraviolet rays at which other types of rope would wear and deteriorate quickly. The nylon rope that we hung in our tree lasted many years until we eventually took it down because it was getting old and no one used it anymore. I will always have the great memories of many summers spent out swinging.