Nails and Brushes

When I was younger, my friends and I would love to paint our toenails with designs like flowers, dots or other little things on them. There were plenty of girls who would go with their parents and get these done professionally, but we did not have that kind of money, so instead we would just pool all of our nail polish together and make our own unique favicondesigns. While it may not have looked as nice, the small nail polish brushes are hard to maneuver, we had fun at least.

In my college years I was finally able to experience my first pedicure, and when they painted my nails (much better than I was ever able to accomplish) they also put on an adorable flower design. And this is where I learned their trick, they use regular paint brushes! The small brushes in the bottles tend to be very inaccurate, but in using a regular paint brush and rinsing it well in between, the process can become much easier. And, lucky for me, these models come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and materials. This makes the perfect nail paint brush easy to find.

As for me, I love to use a nylon brush. While I have not had the time to paint my toes in this way yet, I hope to do so soon. Nylon brushes are able to provide a clean, fluid and simple stroke when I use them for other applications such as pictures, wall touchups or other miscellaneous paint jobs, and I think they could also be perfect for nail applications. In reality, there is almost no limit to what brushes can accomplish. From painting toes to painting walls to cleaning brushes to heavy duty wire deburring brushes, the possibilities are endless, making them perfect for our crafting and money saving generation.