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Modular Offices – The Economical Alternative

The need for office space in an industrial facility does not always merit investment in new building construction. In fact, in a lot of cases the merits of prefabricated or modular office structures are often greater than those of permanent structures. This is because prefabricated modular offices are much less expensive than permanent structures. Also, modular offices can be installed in existing buildings without the need for changing existing permanent structures. They are manufactured off site, shipped to their installation site and then installed quickly and easily.

Modular offices, because they are often more economical and more convenient than construction of new, permanent structures, are often more popular than new construction. Because of their popularity and the wide variety of contexts in which they are used, modular offices are available in an extensive variety of configurations. These configurations depend on the needs of each given modular office.

Some of the most popular modular offices, for example, consist of nothing more than wall panels with windows, a door and a roof. These are widely used in warehouses used by distribution or supply operations. They can be furnished with desks, lighting and other amenities and used for the administration of tasks within warehouse settings. An added benefit of this kind of modular office is that they can often be mounted on mezzanine systems, which maximizes space use efficiency, allowing for the highest possible amount of work or storage space above or beneath the modular office.

Other modular offices can be more elaborate; they can feature multiple levels, reinforced walls and paneling, sound-proofing and a variety of other features. Modular offices can also be designed to be portable. In such cases they are sometimes referred to as portable buildings or portable offices. These types of modular offices are often employed at construction sites and even at schools. Modular offices are exceptionally valuable industrial, commercial and institutional utilities.