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Simplify Your Construction with NRB Inc.

NRB Inc. LogoNRB Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality and durable modular building solutions. This company has been on the forefront of creating the most innovating buildings for a wide range of applications. This industry leader has manufacturing experiences dating back to 1979 and over the years NRB Inc. has developed the most cutting-edge solutions in their field. NRB Inc. utilizes a 9-step process which includes vital ongoing consultation and their experts will work with you long after the installation of your structure. This company guarantees their products will satisfy all of your goals and their teams will continue to supply you with support to ensure your satisfaction.

NRB Inc. Modular BuildingPhoto Courtesy of NRB Inc.

NRB Inc. works with their customers to design a modular building that is not only affordable but also a greener alternative. This company is a leader of LEED certified modular construction and they design their solutions with a wide variety of additional benefits. The teams at NRB Inc. manufacture their products off-site in controlled environments which results in reduced construction waste and this process offers a shorten construction schedule because there are no weather delays. By manufacturing their modular buildings in a controlled environment they also provide improved overall construction quality.

NRB Inc. Industrial BuildingPhoto Courtesy of NRB Inc.

This company is recognized as a trusted supplier of modular buildings for different industries and applications including: commercial & office, educational buildings, health care, in-plant facilities, kiosks, recreation & entertainment, retail & hospitality, Security & Control, Equipment & Storage, Dormitories, as well as other accommodations. NRB Inc. takes pride in being your one-stop-shop for all of your modular construction needs and their teams will assist you with formulate a detailed plan for every stage of your project. This company offers fully integrated services to ensure quality assurance as well as increased speed to completion. If you would like to learn more about their products and services please give one of their representatives a call today!