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The Mobile Car Wash and Water Conservation

Mobile car washes offer more than just a convenient way to have one’s vehicle washed; they also offer a greener alternative to stationary car washes by utilizing a waterless car wash technology that aids in water conservation. A mobile car wash is a way of cleaning one’s vehicle that typically caters to professionals or individuals that lead busy lifestyles by bringing the car wash to the vehicle instead of the other way around. The water preservation efforts that come as a result of mobile car washes are a welcome relief for areas such as California, Texas and many other areas that have been experiencing enough of a drought that they’ve had to begin water rationing.

When it comes to stationary car washes, it is estimated that 2.3 billion cars will be washed around the world annually; with an estimated water usage totaling just over thirty-eight gallons per car wash according to the US Census Bureau. Do the math and the water consumption for car washes per year is astronomical! Mobile car washes are able to offer a waterless alternative to standard car washes by using a premixed waterless solution that is often offered as non-toxic and free of harmful dyes, fumes, and artificial scents; thus offering a greener alternative by aiding in water conservation and containing no harmful additives.

With water consumption just for car washes alone being monumentally high; this factor in combination with other forms of general water consumption, can really begin to take a toll on drought prone areas such as California and Southeast Asia. In the southwestern region of the United States it is not uncommon for droughts to frequently occur. By using mobile car washes or waterless car washes individuals can do their part to aid in water conservation in situations where water becomes scarce.

Since no actual building is needed for mobile car washes, businesses offering these services are popping up all around the world including many pre-established car wash companies that are turning their focus to this innovative technology. From mall parking lots to the parking lots of large corporations; mobile car washes can be found in a diverse array of locations. Many mobile car wash companies cater to individual companies and thrive on having multiple accounts. Some of these car wash companies go beyond just a standard car washing experience by cleaning the inside for the vehicle including upholstery, vinyl and carpeting. Many different companies will even give vehicles a complete cleaning overhaul including tire care, window cleaning and paint sealant. With people in recent years turning to greener technologies it is no wonder why many conventional car wash companies are making mobile car washes a priority.

Using these waterless methods of mobile car washing, it has become a valiant start to phasing in green technologies and methods of getting tasks done without being wasteful and hurting the environment. With people becoming more environmentally conscious by using such technologies as waterless mobile car washes and renewable energy instead of pollutants and other things that besmirch our planet our world is setting the path to ensure that we have a greener tomorrow.