Reflections on 3 years with IQS

by E.R. (Chip) Preston III
Spiral Brushes, Inc.

During the past 3 years, our company has significantly shifted our allocation of advertising dollars in response to changes in the industrial marketing landscape. For many years, we had relied heavily on the prominence of the Thomas Register in both print and electronic versions, as well as our own internet site, to provide exposure to buyers of custom industrial brushes. Our target for this advertising includes engineering, purchasing, plant management, and maintenance personnel in a range of business from specialty equipment builders through commercial manufacturing and processing facilities, including industrial distributors, machine shops and service companies in between.

However, as the behavior of industrial product buyers changed, shifting more to unrestricted internet search for information collection, we found that the effectiveness of the Thomas Register was in serious decline, despite their best efforts to adjust their business model. Enter promoted by Mike Meiresonne and Industrial Quick Search. IQS’s combination of search result prominence within our particular category of relevant key words, ongoing programs to maintain high search rankings, and the offer of a paid position of prominence on the first page of their site was an effective answer to the high prices and competitive noise experienced in the Thomas Register. Almost immediately, we experienced a dramatic and sustained increase in the number of serious inquiries and traffic to our web site, for a fraction of the money that we were spending with Thomas Register. Even today in February of 2005, while we have improved our own site and search engine promotion practices, Industrial Quick Search still out-produces the Thomas Register by 25%-50% for significantly less money.

Clearly, IQS created a significant change in the advertising channel for industrial brushes, and we are happy to have been involved early-on in the process. I hope and trust that they will continue to adapt and to pioneer methods to deliver outstanding value to us, their advertising customer.