Michigan Manufacturing Adapts to Growing Markets

The state of Michigan has been known for a strong history in manufacturing as well as industrial innovation and it is no surprise that some of the latest technology modernizations emerge from this state. Michigan based automation equipment manufacturers are expanding their facilities as the need for this product has substantially grown in recent years. According to the International Federation of Robotics between 2010 and 2014 the sales of this equipment increased by 48 perfect. The data reports that nearly $1.6 billion worth of new robots were manufactured in 2014. One reason there has been such a surge for American made robotics is because there is a trend of many companies retracting their manufacturing needs from China and switching to other sources.

Many Michigan manufacturers are turning their investments to the automation equipment industry. This shift toward labor-saving technology is occurring for a number of reasons. One factor is there is a growing issue with a shortage of skilled labor and by utilizing automation technology manufacturers can remain competitive. Another big component is there is increasing standards of quality in the manufacturing sector causing many manufacturers to rely on the precision of automation systems. This type of precision manufacturing attracts outside companies to Michigan. A major producer of metal-plastic components that are designed for electronics has recently announced its expansion in Michigan.

As all the markets have evolved we have also seen the medical industry make a shift toward consolidation and Michigan companies have been greatly influenced by this change. The rapid increase of new innovations in the medical device industry have caused large OEMs to buy up smaller companies as well as start-ups and the rights to the new innovations these smaller companies are creating.  This consolidation, although it is shrinking the competitive field, has been reported as a factor for causing growth in the medical device sector which is a vital industry for Michigan. It will be exciting to see where Michigan manufacturing will be headed in the coming months as the wide range of manufacturing sectors continue to thrive.