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Mezzanines and Space Management

Space management: the final frontier. These are the exploits of industry everywhere: to seek out new ventures, to secure new contracts and to expand to output levels never known before. Please excuse this horrible, horrible Star Trek joke. But there is an analogy (a weak one, certainly) to be found between the voyages of the starship Enterprise and the exploits of actual enterprises. The problem of space management is a real problem. Addressing it well yields business growth. Failing to address it yields stagnation at best. Resourceful businesses will consider all of the space management options available to them and make the most sensible choice. In many cases, the most sensible choice is mezzanine construction.

Mezzanine companies make some very useful space management utilities available to their clients. Just as a review, mezzanines are elevated platforms that create extra space for work as well as storage. They can be used for the storage of industrial products while they wait to be shipped. They can be used for the storage of spare equipment parts. They can also be used as work space, as office space and for a wide variety of other purposes. Their primary benefit is that they effectively double the usable space of the areas in which they are installed at a fraction of the cost of permanent construction. This allows companies to invest the money that they saved by mezzanine construction instead of permanent building construction.

Allow me to take this opportunity to apologize again for the Star Trek reference. I hope your feelings about mezzanines won’t be a casualty of your distaste for the hokyness of my analogy. What I would rather you take away is the idea that mezzanines can be used to solve major space management challenges at a comparatively small cost.