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Why Storage Mezzanines?

Grow up, not out. That’s the mantra of many mezzanine manufacturers and suppliers. It’s catchy and memorable, but is it good advice? What’s the advantage of building mezzanines over building new facilities or relocating? Why wouldn’t a company want to find a building that’s tailored exactly to its needs? Why wouldn’t an expanding company pick sparkly, new facilities over a modest, non-structural expansion?

The reality is that if a company plans to expand, and if that company hasn’t taken full advantage of all of the space it has at its disposal, then new construction is not necessary. The reality is that building one or more mezzanines is more practical than new construction or relocation. The reality is that throughout industry, under any economic conditions, mezzanine construction is a sensible, economical and effective solution to the problem of space management. This is especially true when new space is needed specifically for the purposes of storage. Storage mezzanines can make it possible for companies to more than double their inventory storage capacities.

Consider for a moment the current industrial real estate climate. Compared to recent history, prices are depressed, and new acquisitions can be attractive to some operations that are considering expansion. Companies of all varieties – suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and even non-industrial operations like book sellers – have easier access to industrial real estate than they may have had for decades. Some companies may already have taken advantage of the situation. Take the book seller, for example. A book selling operation that occupied a former distribution warehouse may have as much as 30,000 square feet of floor space, which in some cases can be situated below ceilings as high as 30 or 40 feet. Think how much more inventor could be stored in such a place if mezzanines were installed! Mezzanines should be at the front of the mind of any business owner seeking to expand usable space.